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How will you let someone know that you have been abducted or are being trafficked?

What if.......What would you do?

? If a stranger is in your house when you come home ?

?what would you do?

If you were abducted and put in a car trunk?

 Stay aware and always have a plan

No child should ever, ever be left unattended, no matter how secure a community seems.

 Designate play times with trusted adult supervision to ensure their safety. 

Those who support a nationwide missing person's information system

Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins

Governor Sam Brownback

Senator Pat Roberts

Senator Laura Kelly

Sentor Jerry Moran

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt

Kansas Bureau of Investigations



Manhattan Riley County Crime Stoppers



Kansas Highway Patrol



Connecticut Missing Person's Team


Media for the Missing would like to thank everyone for your comments, suggestions, and support.

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ATA TaeKwando

Krav Maga Brazillian Jui-Jitzu

  The ATA has teamed up with Olweus to create the most comprehensive bullying prevention program available anywhere: Agent G - The ATA Defender.  

 The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is widely recognized by educators and authorities on violence prevention as the leading bullying prevention program available today.  We are the ONLY school in the area to offer the Olweus Bully Prevention Program.




National Hotline for Missing Children:  800-The-Lost

National Hotline for Human Trafficking: 888-373-7888

National Runaway Switchboard: 800-RUN-AWAY



~ Being aware starts with... Being Informed ~


"Letters to our Missing", 1st Edition

Approximate release date:  To be announced soon

We want to thank everyone who submitted a letter and/or poem to their missing loved one.

~ ~ ~ ~



'Letters to our Missing'

Beginning July 2014, we will be calling within International Countries, (outside of the US and Canada),  for families to submit a letter or poem to their missing loved one for the International 'Letters to our Missing'

Internatinal Letters to our Missing: Be part of an event that gives families a voice through every written word.

For questions or more info, contact:

Stephanie Coplen


Future books releases from Media for the Missing:

~ Int'l Letters to our Missing, followed by continuing editions

~ Letters to our Missing, followed by continuing editions

~ Missing and Murdered

~ Missing and Trafficked

~ Missing and Recovered


All titles will be announced for participation at the appropriate time. 


UPDATE: We are only $37,500.oo away from completing the software for this system.

The sooner we can complete the software, the sooner we can all forever change the way expsoure is provided:  highly visible exposure at multiple locations, to assist the public with identifying and locating ALL missing persons.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Providing a system of approximately 9,000 highly viewable displays to keep missing persons continuously visible to the public, Nationwide.    

~ ~ ~

Once viewing locations within the United States have been completed, this system will advance to the U.S. Continental.  Upon completion of this process, this system will provide viewable opportunities in participating Countries, Worldwide.   

~ ~ ~ ~

By everyone working together, we can keep missing persons continuously visible for public viewing!  


All contributions are tax deductible and will be applied towards the Nationwide Missing Person's Awareness System.



Media for the Missing would lke to thank Rent A Center for sponsoring visual and sound equipment for our all our events.  Thank you John, Eric and your crew, you guys are great to work with!!!


We also want to thank Shannon with the  Hilton Garden Inn, Manhattan, KS for working so closely with us with banquet rooms and rooms when Media for the Missing travels to speaking events. Thank you Shannon, you are awesome!!!



The  System

Approximately 9,000 highly viewable methods will be provided throuhout the United States, within a 5 year plan to fulfill the complete effectiveness of its purpose


 NamUs: Will provide the missing person's information for public viewing pursposes.

How this nationwide system will operate:  Recognition through Repetition

To ensure accuracy, missing person's information is received directly from NamUs, and displayed, unedited, through multiple visual methods for public viewing purposes, nationwide.

Operating multiple visual methods from one location will provide a structured and organized means of increasing nationwide exposure for immediate alerts and all missing persons.

The Kiosk part of the system is capable of updating approximately every 2-5 seconds, which will prove crucial for immediate alerts.

Immediate alerts will remain in the lower right corner of the screen for up to 72 hours.  If multiple alerts are implemented, these alerts will rotate approximately every 10 seconds.

Missing person’s information through the Kiosk part of the system will continue to rotate approximately every 10-15 seconds, depending on location. 

Billboard location will determine the amount of rotation time.

 A Missing Persons Information Center:

Objective:  Open to the public 24-hrs., 365 days a year. 

A center to provide information for travelers and local citizens. Interaction with staff to help answer questions, kiosk monitors to list information for every state regarding missing persons information, i.e., profiles, laws & legislation, organizations, etc. Anything one would want to know about missing persons concerns will be listed on these kiosk touch screen  monitors. 


A 24-hr. Missing Persons Network:

Objective:  To provide information for those who do not use a computer or travel much.

Logic: To provide 24-hr missing persons related information for in-home viewing.  Information will consist of alerts, missing persons information, resources such as missing persons organizations, search and recovery organizations, updates, vigils, etc.

Utilizing Billboards:  16 (this is separate from the kiosk part of the system)

Objective:  To provide and keep highly visible information for alerts and missing persons to the public.

Logic:  Everyone travels the interstates and highways for many reasons. Ths method will prove useful to keep information continuously visible to the public.  

A Survivors Camp:

Objective:  To help with healing for survivors of abduction and their families.

Logic:  This will be a campground type setting with the appropriate staff to help survivors and their families heal from abduction situations. As well as provide a strong support system with those who have endured surviving abduction.


Kiosk monitors will be provided for:

Participating medical facilities 889

Objective To help identify abducted children, trafficked victims, adults and seniors.

Logic:  At some point everyone needs to see a physician.  If personnel is aware of those missing, they will be able to help with identifying. 

Participating Security Businesses:  7

Objective:  To help identify runaways and abducted children.

Logic:  Most teens who runaway continue to shop.  This will help security personnel identify runaway teens and abducted children who are accompanied by their abductor.

Participating lodging, truck stops, travel plazas, welcome centers, air/ground travel lobbies and staff:  3,972

Objective:  To help identify victims who are being transported either from initial abducted or for trafficking purposes.

Logic:  Travelers are most often the first to be within view of a person reported missing when traveling. If you recognize a person reported missing, document: time, direction of travel, vehicle description, mile marker or land mark if your not sure of your location. 

Participating In-home contracting businesses:  85

Objective:  To help identify victims who are being held captive within the home.

Logic: Once a victim has been placed in a home type captive environment, in-home contractors are the first line of opportunity for identifying a person reported missing being held captive within or around the home.  They will be the first to be able to identify unusual type circumstances.

Participating educational institutions:  4,000

Objective:  To help identify abducted children with age progression.

Logic:  Children who are abducted often are placed in schools, with both their names and appearance changed. If educational staff is aware of those missing, they will be able to help with identifying.

At particpating Churches, Homeless Shelters:  47

ObjectiveTo help identify persons reported missing, i.e., who have become intertwined within the homeless community.

Logic: Many staff see several hundred people throughout the day. This could help locate seniors, runaways and those who have abducted and are hiding out along their travels.

Gas-Pump Toppers for ALERTS:

Objective: To help reach members of the public by providing another viewing option through out the day or night to help them identify missing persons. 

Logic:  Thousands of people  pump gas serveral times a day, this method will keep the public informed of immediate alerts.  And possibly recognize an abductor and/or victim, even abductors get gas at some point.

Other methods of displaying information and not limited to:

An annual nationwide event: Miles for the Missing

An annual 3-day missing persons marathon

Viewing at the end of check-out lanes within super center shopping locations.



How to identify a victim of human trafficking:

Everyone has the potential to discover a human trafficking situation. While the victims may sometimes be kept behind locked doors, they are often hidden right in front of us.


UPDATE: A response from President Obama regarding a nationwide missing persons system

Read reply in full context...


How to recognize signs of an abducted child:

Over time, an abducted child’s appearance may change, but there are recognizable signs that the average person can identify. 


Australia: Trafficking: Project Respect

Project Respect is an Australian non-government organisation which challenges exploitation of and violence against women in the sex industry.

Read more....

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Missing Person's Related Organizations

There are many organizations to help with missing person's concerns, healing, and support for victims and their families

 Predators wait for opportunity and knows no boundaries.

 ~ Many victims are often seen,  yet remain unnoticed ~

Somebody, Somewhere,    Knows Something 





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Statistic and Missing Person's Resources:
The Department of Justice
True TV Crime Library

Missing Person's related organizations