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Learn more about Survival Hand Signals

How will you let someone know that you have been abducted or are being trafficked?

Learn self defense, safety awareness Manhattan, Kansas


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  The ATA has teamed up with Olweus to create the most comprehensive bullying prevention program available anywhere: Agent G - The ATA Defender.   



National Hotline for Missing Children:  800-The-Lost

National Hotline for Human Trafficking: 888-373-7888

National Runaway Switchboard: 800-RUN-AWAY



~ Being aware starts with... Being Informed ~



Join Wheels of Hope 2014 ride from Denver to Pueblo, Colorado, September 11-14, 2014 to help bring awareness for missing persons in Colorado.



Your contribution will enable us to help Keep Hope Alive for missing people

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Dennis Crowley, Founder of Wheels of Hope for the Missing

For questions regarding the Wheels of Hope event in Colorado, please contact Dennis Crowley at:

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 "Letters to our Missing", 1st Edition

Approximate release date:  To be announced soon

We want to thank everyone who submitted a letter and/or poem to their missing loved one.

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Future books releases from Media for the Missing:

~ Int'l Letters to our Missing, followed by continuing editions

~ Letters to our Missing, followed by continuing editions

~ Missing and Murdered

~ Missing and Trafficked

~ Missing and Recovered

All titles will be announced for participation at the appropriate time. 

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How to identify a victim of human trafficking:

Everyone has the potential to discover a human trafficking situation. While the victims may sometimes be kept behind locked doors, they are often hidden right in front of us.



How to recognize signs of an abducted child:

Over time, an abducted child’s appearance may change, but there are recognizable signs that the average person can identify. 




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True TV Crime Library

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